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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 10, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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upstate new york. >> let's talk about you and me. >> the thing is they're actually good. >> just do a whole segment on that. >> no better entry for "special report" which is next. is donald trump the teflon candidate? one of his latest comments is getting a lot of blow back from his opponents. but will it stick with voters? this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. another candidate might not survive. donald trump is not just another candidate, though. the republican frontrunner is once again showing no ill effects so far from a quote that received a lot of attention today. but trump is taking fire from others in the race who are going on the attack. chief political correspondent carl cameron has tonight's top story.
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>> reporter: despite dominating the polls, donald trump's on defense. his numbers have grown, but ben carson is gaining in second. jeb bush tops those in single digits, and 51% of republicans polled now think trump will be the nominee. and now comes the blow back. >> issues don't mean anything to him. policies ideals are not important to him. he is for donald. donald trump is a narcissist and he's an egomaniac. >> reporter: louisiana governor bobby jindal a rhodes scholar warns trump could be the right's undoing. >> we could be the biggest fools of all time and put our faith not in our principals but in ego maniacal mad man. >> carson cited his faith but says he meant no offense by this. >> i realize where my success has come from. i don't in any way deny my faith in god. and i think that probably is a big difference. >> reporter: trump prefers to
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keep his faith practices private but publicly trashed carson and his reputation as a world renowned neurosurgeon and abortion foe. both used to support abortion rights. >> ben carson you look at his faith and i think you're not going to find so much. you look at his views on abortion, which were horrendous because he's a doctor and he hired one nurse he's going to end up being the president of the united states. >> car sochb wants an apology. trump's battling insiders and outsiders now. he's accused of sexism for judging businesswoman carly fiorina in "rolling stone" magazine. >> honestly i'm not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means. but maybe just maybe i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing in the polls. >> reporter: trump claims his two quoted references to fiorina's face were not about her face. >> i'm talking about persona not look. i'm talk about her persona. not anything else. it doesn't work. >> reporter: jeb bush tweeted trump's demeaning remarks are small and inappropriate for
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anyone, much less a presidential candidate. carly and country deserves better. enough. and there's this. >> one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women every chance he gets, i have to say, if he emerges i would love to debate him. >> reporter: and that is exactly why jindal and the rest of the gop field worry. bret? >> carl, thank you. president obama will allow at least 10,000 syrian refugees into the u.s. in the year beginning october 1st. that's in response to europe's growing migrant crisis. many of those people are fleeing violence associated with isis. and now as one key component of the obama administration, isis strategy is in shambles, russian involvement is growing larger. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has details from the pentagon. >> reporter: despite two phone
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calls secretary of state john kerry, russia continues to build up its fighting force in syria. pentagon officials say they have seen seven russian antonof condor military car go flights land in syria in recent days. a massive military buildup amidst new signs the russians are extending an air strip near the port of latakia. russian soldiers have posted selfies on twitter after arriving in syria. today russia's foreign minister did not deny the buildup. >> translator: the russian federation is sending both military equipment according to existing contracts and humanitarian aid with the planes that head to syria. >> reporter: in another setback to the u.s.-led fight against isis in syria, the pentagon has lost track of all of the 54 syrian opposition fighters thought trained. they are either dead, captured or ran away. u.s. officials admit privately this small force was inserted into syria in july, immediately attacked by an al qaeda affiliate. their leader was kidnaped. the pentagon had hoped to train
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5400 fighters this year. as of may, the pentagon spent nearly $42 million to train this force out of the $500 million allocated by congress last fall. >> we've been candid that the initial phase of this program did not lift off with the kind of efficiency that we'd hoped. and the secretary's been candid about that. >> reporter: in addition, the pentagon inspector general is investigating a complaint by 50 central command intelligence analysts who say their assessments were changed by their superiors to present a rosier picture in how the fight against isis is actually going. >> i think it's the best thing for us to do is wait to see what the i.g. investigation, which again is separate and apart from the secretary's office, see what it comes back with. >> there are allegations that there are whistle blowers that if they come forward i think that this is obviously a matter for a hearing in the armed services committee, no doubt.
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>> reporter: the pentagon inspector general is investigating. mike morrell, the former deputy cia chief said today if these reports are true someone should be fired. bret? >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. republican efforts to get something, anything, on the record against president obama's nuclear deal with iran are hobbling along in congress. house members have begun debate on a bill to approve the agreement. a vote is scheduled for tomorrow and expected to fail. and that's the point. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us where we stand tonight. >> clearly our members do not believe the president has complied with the law. >> reporter: a day after gop leaders shifted gears to appease frustrated rank and file republicans, the house moved forward with three measures related to the iran nuclear agreement. one saying the congressional review period has not yet been triggered, claiming the president has not submitted paperwork on side deals between tehran and the iaea. a vote on approving the iran
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deal which would fail. and a measure prohibiting the president from lifting sanctions. >> no member of congress, no member of the public, no american citizen has read this entire agreement. and yet we've got members who say this is a great deal and i'm excited to vote for it. >> iran is now two to three months from being able to produce a nuclear weapon and yet the critics have offered no credible alternative. >> reporter: the stage is set for house lawmakers to support or reject the nuclear agreement on a 9/11 anniversary. >> the deal that we have is worse than anything i could have ever imagined over the last year. and so holding members accountable is an important part of our job. and they're going to have to vote. >> reporter: at the white house, president obama met with veterans and gold star mothers keeping the pressure on democrats to support the nuclear agreement. mr. obama continued with the narrative that if the deal failsing the only other option is war. >> we want to make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon.
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and what i indicated to them is that even as this debate winds down, i am hopeful that their voices continue to be heard. >> reporter: in the senate, majority leader mitch mcconnell called for a procedural vote to consider disapproval of the agreement. the vote was 58-42. republicans failed to get the 60 votes they needed. mcconnell tried to peel off a few more democrats. >> what a tragedy it would be if at the very last moment some of those same senators decided to filibuster to prevent the american people from having a real say on this incredibly important issue. >> reporter: boehner says lawmakers are considering all options to slow down or stop implementation of the nuclear deal. if republicans cannot defeat the senate filibuster by the democrats, that could include going to court to continue the fight. bret? >> mike emanuel live on the hill tonight, thanks. gop hopes of doing anything
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substantial about the iran deal appear to be over for now. as you just heard. senior political analyst brit hume has thoughts on all that tonight. >> there seems no way that the measures on the iran deal before the house or the resolution to disapprove the deal now before the senate can stop the president from putting the agreement into effect. this is being hailed in some quarters as a triumph for mr. obama. but if it were, then why would harry reid and senate democrats be filibustering to block a senate vote? the answer is simple. they don't want mr. obama to suffer the indignity of having to salvage the agreement by vetoing a resolution disapproving it. and consider this. back in may, the senate voted 98-1 to have a debate and vote on any iran nuclear deal. every single democrat present voted aye. now they're trying to prevent the very vote they voted to hold. 58 senators voted today to break the filibuster. the same number who said they'll vote to disapprove the deal which is favored in one current poll by only 21% of the public.
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a number of the democrats who support the deal say they have serious misgivings. contributing to the aura of ill legitimacy is that a deal of this magnitude should have been negotiated as a treaty but was not because the president knew he could never get a treaty through the senate. so the deal will limp across the finish line, unpopular, opposed by a distinct majority in congress, and because it's not a treaty, subject to cancellation by any future president. some victory. bret? >> brit, you talk to people around the country. and there is this growing frustration. republicans feel like they got both chambers. they elected these people. and they couldn't block this thing. and they don't understand why. they think it's feckless they're not getting anything done. >> that's exactly why you saw the house today taking up the first of these three measures, none of which has much chance of succeeding, to get members on the record both republicans and democrats, against the deal. that will presumably be followed at some point by a vote to
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disapprove the deal which will pass. so it gives some emphasis to the republicans at least to be able to go home and say look we tried everything we knew how to block the deal. and the president was able to put night effect as an executive agreement, which the next president might cancel. and that's i think at this point about the best they can hope for. it's politically dangerous for the democrats because the deal is unpopular. but it's also politically dangerous for the republicans because they couldn't stop it. >> all right. brit as always thank you. up next, hillary clinton continues to joke about her problems, but democratic voters are not laughing. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 45 in baltimore where the judge in the case of six police officers charged in the death of a man in police custody is refusing to move the proceedings out of the city. defense attorney cited the city's $6.4 million settlement with the family of freddie gray, saying it sends a message the officers are guilty. fox 10 in phoenix where
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authorities are investigating a series of possible shootings on valley freeways. the total would be 14 incidents in 11 days. so far there have been no serious injuries. this is a live look at above the fiorina our affiliate fox 25. the big story there tonight, the cost of girl scout cookies goes up by 25%. girl scouts in eastern massachusetts will sell cookies for $5 a box up from 4 last year. the increased revenue will allow more proceeds to go to local troops. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. when your windshield needs fixed... trust safelite. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong reliable bond. at safelite we stand behind our work... ...because the ones you love, sit behind it. (softly) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace♪
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3:16 pm
in columbus dubbed women for hillary. >> i will defend planned parenthood from these political partisan attacks. >> reporter: yet it appeared some democratic women in ohio were just not that into her today. as the small room for the event was not close to being full. drawing just a few hundred people despite being three miles from the vast campus of ohio state and its tens of thousands of students. the one-time inevitable democratic nominee even joking about her scandals again. >> controversy seems to follow me around, in case you haven't noticed. that's sort of part of the territory. >> reporter: the controversy continues to dog clinton, who has now dropped a dozen points since july in the quinnipiac poll in iowa. while democratic socialist senator bernie sanders, who has no trouble drawing big crowds, has gained 8 points in the same survey. in iowa sanders now leads clinton 41% to 40% a statistical
3:17 pm
dead heat in that poll as the chair of the national democratic committee sang bernie sanders. >> he's doing a great job in so many different venues that he's obviously been reaching people in a special way and touching people. we think it's fantastic. >> reporter: clinton's struggle was capsulized by the "washington post" who declared "memo to clinton world. now might be the time to start panicking." today former clinton i.t. staffer brian pagliano officially took the fifth before the special house benghazi committee. >> he would be able to speak to whether or not there was any altering of records and evidence. >> reporter: democrats called it a political sideshow, but suggested they're ready to join republicans in giving pagliano immunity from prosecution. >> i want to hear what he has to say. hillary clinton has made it clear she wants to hear. >> reporter: while at the white house, aides were pressed on whether president obama knew about clinton's private server. >> not that i'm aware of.
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>> reporter: pressed further by earl earl james rosen he clarified the president knew she was using a personal e-mail address but only learned later she was using that server. >> ed henry on the campaign trail, thank you. united airlines is looking for a new boss. ceo jeffrey smizek and two other senior executives have resigned amidst a federal investigation into the possible trading of favors between the airline and the former head of the port authority of new york and new jersey who was appointed by new jersey governor chris christie. that inquiry sprung from the probe into the scandal over the closing of lanes on the george washington bridge two years ago. we asked governor christie about the bridgegate investigation. that's a little later in our program. still ahead, scientists think they may have discovered one of your long lost ancestors in south africa. we'll head there. first, if you thought the hacking of data on government employees was already big, wait until you hear the latest information.
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fighting cyber attacks and cyberer crime. the lack of stopping hacking concerns -- >> reporter: a congressional source tells fox news the number of americans compromised in the opm hack is far higher than the official count of 21 million. that number only represents the americans whose social security numbers were breached. >> cyber espionage undermines confidentialality. >> reporter: on capitol hill, the nation's top spy testified the intelligence community has made it a priority to track how
3:23 pm
the information is being used against u.s. citizens. >> it could be used very damaging way. not only institutionally in terms of particularly for intelligence people, but in general how this could be used to inflict financial damage. >> reporter: the fbi director testified the data has not been used to hit credit ratings or accounts, but danger has not passed. >> i don't want to put people completely at ease because as director clapper said it's a significant counter intelligence threat that's associated with someone having this information in a nation state. >> reporter: while the attack is attributed to china, intelligence officials are less specific about whether it was launched by the chinese military working out of sh thank hiangha skyscrap skyscraper. >> i think deterrence is an important concept we clearly need to get to. because we have got to fundamentally change behaviors. i don't think anyone is satisfied with the current dynamics in the cyber arena. >> reporter: and despite the
3:24 pm
negotiations and the deal, the head of the nsa said he has not seen iran step back from its use of cyber against u.s. financial institutions. bret? >> catherine, thank you. a marine corps study finds all male combat units consistently outperform teams that include women. the report says the all-male units are faster, stronger, more lethal and less susceptible to injuries. the obama administration has ordered all military specialties open to women beginning next year. scientists say there is a new member of the family tonight. the pre-human family. and while its discovery is new, this long lost cousin is apparently millions of years old. fox news reporter paul tillsley has the story tonight from south africa. >> reporter: scientists have found so many fossils here they call it the cradle of humankind. up until now nothing like this. >> i am pleased to introduce to
3:25 pm
you to a new species of human says for. >> reporter: they're called it homonaladi. a few of the 1500 pieces of bone discovered were unveiled tautod. individuals from babies to old people has been found. >> it is a tiny-brained hominid. a creature we would have never suspected of complex behaviors. >> reporter: yet that's just whatberger thinks he was capable of. he believes his team have discovered a subterranean burial site. perhaps the first time humans formally organized placing the dead in a commonplace. this selection of the fossils found will be on display here for just one month. you see they're just too valuable, authorities say, to keep them on public view for longer than that. >> i think that it answers such pertinent questions about who we are and where we come from. >> reporter: this discovery gives the world a problem. every single school book on the history of mankind now needs to
3:26 pm
be rewritten. welcome to our world, homonaladi. in johannesburg, paul tilsly, fox news. if you're in washington later this month you might get to see the pope in the pope mobile. the archdiocese of washington says spectators will not need tickets to to see the parade on september 23rd but will have to pass security and not brings in food and drink. security will open at 4:00 a.m. and close at 10:00 a.m. the dow gained 77, s&p 500 was up 10, the nasdaq finished ahead 40. in our earlier story about the resignation of the ceo of united airlines, a new ceo was appointed his name is oscar munoz. for those of you who think congress cannot get anything done -- we talked about it with brit earlier -- we bring you the biennial group picture of the house of representatives. >> this time has been designated
3:27 pm
for the taking of the official photo of the house of representatives in session. >> hopefully nobody blinked. no grapevine tonight. when we come back, new jersey governor republican presidential candidate and noted bruce springsteen fan, chris christie, in the badlands of our center seat. 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance,
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tonight we welcome into our center seat new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie, joining him on the panel steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. a.b. stoddard associated editor of the hill and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. governor thanks for being here. >> happy to be back. >> lifelong new jersey resident wrote in. this person from cedar run, new jersey. why did you refrain from joining 28 other states attorneys general in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of obama care under the commerce clause? >> first reason was because by the time i got there that challenge had already started. and we didn't need to run up more legal fees and do more things that our attorney general's office already being
3:32 pm
handled by a bunch of states. we don't have an obama care exchange. we stood up against obama care and didn't need to lob one more log on the fire and pay more lawyers in new jersey. >> why does new jersey remain the state with the highest property taxes in the country? >> when i became governor in the ten years before i became governor, property taxes went up 70%. in my five years of property taxes as governor they've gone up 10%. so we've done an extraordinary job in bringing down a huge run of property tax increases at 70% down to 10. here's the biggest reason. the supreme court in new jersey has mandated that we pay for education with our property taxes. and as long as the costs of education and the unions in our state continue to be the way they are, it is very difficult to control those property taxes when two-thirds of my bill and i just got my bill, bret, in september, two-thirds of my bill is for our local school system. >> okay. a.b.? >> so governor, you seem to be the only one in a very large field pushing for entitlement reforms. without telling me why that's important, can you comment on why this is no longer important
3:33 pm
in the debate in the republican party? years ago it was all we heard of. they took some very bold votes. it seems after the budget control act of 2011 they have focused on the sequester only which as you know is only discretionary spending and not why we're in debt. there isn't talk about debt reduction from the frontrunner in this race, on the campaign trail, not talk about paring back entitlements. does the republican voting base care about this anymore and do they talk to you about this issue? do you expect the nominee to run on this issue? >> the nominee will run because i'm going to be the nominee. and so i will run on it because i'm i've been talking about it since the first speech i gave. thissies people can't stand congress. they're not talking about the issues that mat term. 71% of spending is debt service and entitlement. they spend all the time talking about the 29%. makes no sense to anybody. this is why there should be term limits in congress. thissies this republican congress has been such an enormous disappointment. they haven't dealt with tax reform, entitlement reform, obama care. yet we gave them majorities in
3:34 pm
the senate and kept the majority in the house. >> what do the voters say to you? >> they nod their heads. ski i ask people if you make do you really need a social security check? i will tell you most of the people i talk to in iowa and new hampshire shake their head they don't need it. they know it's a problem they know in their heart and don't have any leaders willing to stand up and say it. i'm proud i'm only one of 17 that's saying it. i hope the others will follow. it won't change what i do or the way i approach congress as president. you need a strong president who's going to tell congress what they need to do. we wait for congress to lead we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives. >> steve. >> governor, on that same issue back in 2011 you came to washington to the american enterprise institute. gave a very forceful speech about the need for entitlement reform. i think we have a clip from that speech. >> we have to reform medicare because it costs too much. and it is going to bankrupt us. and we have to fix medicaid because it's not only bankrupting the federal government, it's bankrupting
3:35 pm
every state government. >> so you went on to say if we don't do those things it will lead down the path to ruin, lead the country on the path to ruin. my question to you, how can we reform entitlements when even those who have called most forecefully for their reform accept medicaid expansion as you did in new jersey? >> i accepted medicaid expansion in new jersey because it was what was best for new jersey. i'm the governor of new jersey. if i were president of the united states i would never have allowed for the expansion of medicaid. but new jersey being the liberal state it is had such a large and ex paensive medicaid program already what the government was offering me was to pay bills i already pay for and my state taxpayers pay for. i'm going to accept that deal on behalf of the people of new jersey. if i were president of the united states i would repeal obama care and replace is with a state-based system that allows the states to make decisions on how to run health care in their own states. >> when federal money runs out, how do you expect your successor to pay for that money to cover the federal money that runs out when it's to be? >> if the federal money runs out my successor has to make the hard choices i had to make when i faced a $11 billion on
3:36 pm
a $29 billion budget and cut 800 programs and vetoed more tax increases than any governor in american history according to the americans for tax reform. you got to make hard choice. that's what leadership is about. >> charles. >> let me appeal to your libertarian side. you called for criminal sentencing reform. >> yes, sir. >> with more drug courts. what's your view of legalization in colorado and washington state, and how does that differ from cities declaring themselves sanctuary cities? in other words, defying federal law to assert state preferences? >> it doesn't differ one bit. it's part of the lawlessness of this administration. the fact is, this president only enforces the laws that he likes. if you don't want to enforce the immigration laws because the president doesn't like them you can be a sanctuary city and there's no penalty. you don't want to enforce the federal marijuana laws in colorado and washington go ahead and get high. >> as president what would you do? >> i would enforce all the laws just like when i was u.s. attorney. we need somebody behind the desk in the oval office who knows
3:37 pm
what law and order is all about. i will enforce the law in this country whether i like it or not. if i don't like it i go to congress to try to get it changed. i would not legalize drugs in this country. it is a pathway to ruin for our country. i've seen too many lives ruined by drugs. we don't need more drugs in our country we need to have less. >> so no getting high in denver. >> if i'm president no getting high in denver or seattle, charles. get high while you can. when i'm president it's over. >> dave shuck writes in on facebook, what is your stance on federal gun registry? a federal gun registry? why are the gun laws in new jersey so strict? >> because i had three democratic governors before me and liberal legislatures who made them much more strict towards no result in terms of reduction of violence during their time. we've reduced violent crime in new jersey on my watch because we've enforced the law. in camden we wound up firing the entire police department because of their bloated union contract and ineffectiveness. what's happened as a result in the last three years since we have a new police force that's doing community policing, a tough law and order from the top, the murder rate in camden
3:38 pm
which used to be america's most dangerous city is down 61%. we have to enforce laws at the state level, gun laws against criminals, not against good people in this country who are following the law either as sportsmen, hunters or as folks who believe they need that gun for self-defense. >> but you're not opposed to some background check or some -- >> listen. i think reasonable background checks are fine. but the fact is we're taking our eye off the ball. the people who are committing crimes in this country and causing violence are criminals with guns. and that's what we need to focus on. that's what i focused on as u.s. attorney. we did more gun cases than at any time in the history of the u.s. attorney's office in new jersey. if i'm president of the united states the justice department will be focused on going after criminals who are using handguns. we do that we're going to reduce violent crime in this country significantly like in camden, new jersey. >> next up, foreign policy with governor christie after a quick break.
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and we're back with republican presidential candidate governor chris christie in our center seat tonight. foreign policy. charles. >> of course, syria is a big target for republican candidates. everybody is critical of obama's half-hearted measures. what exactly would you do to eradicate isis? i mean specifically. >> sure. >> and how do you handle american troops? >> here's how you do it. first what i'd say we have to arm and train our jordanians, egyptians, saudis. they see this as an existential threat to them and they're right. i would arm them with everything they need with weapons perspective. train them down to the battalion level. increase our human and electronic intelligence to be able to point them in the right direction and provide the type of air cover from the air force to soften up the targets and be successful. if it turned out that was not enough then i would commit american troops. >> what makes you think that the jordanians, egyptians, saudis,
3:43 pm
perhaps even turks, would form an expeditionary force led by americans into syria when not one of them has lifted a finger to actually do that? >> i think what my view on it is, charles, if they had an american president who they knew they could count on for the arms, for the training, for the air cover, for the intelligence, they would lead in themselves. my point to you is that should be option number one. if that does not work, then americans will have to come in and supplement it. but i don't think that should be option one off our experience in iraq. i don't think that's the right way to go. i do think they want to lead that type of force. they need to know they're going to have american support to do it, we're not going to waver every time the polls go up and down. we need tome power them to fix their own neighborhood. >> do you think america should accept syrian refugees? >> yes. >> why? >> this has always been a humanitarian country. a country who believes in the protection of human life. >> how do you vet them? >> sit down with the homeland security department and your
3:44 pm
allies about properly vetting folks. i do believe america should not be the country that says no we will not accept these refugees that by the way this president had a hand in creating. he called assad a reformer. hillary clinton called assad a reformer. these folks, what we should really do with hillary clinton, joe biden, and barack obama is whatever they say on foreign policy, just reflectively go 180 degrees different and you'll wind up being right more times than not. >> what's your cap? german chancellor angela merkel at 500,000? >> it doesn't make any sense to be talking about a cap in the abstract. if i were points i would sit down with our allies say what's fair, what do we need to do and approach it. not just the western european allies but include jordan who's already taken on a great number of these refugees and talk to our other mid eastern allies as well. they need to be part of the game as well. >> some have zero, a.b. >> that's why you need to include them in the game. it cannot just be an american and european solution a solution from the mid east region as well. >> okay. looking to christie
3:45 pm
administration again without explaining what obama did wrong with the russian reset, how would you plan to counter putin's aggression, his more emboldened relationship with the iranians once we have this deal in place? how do you influence our european allies who have their economies tied to russian business? how do you reset it once you're in office? >> well, first off more troop exercises in the baltic states. we need to make sure they understand we're serious about protecting those nato members. we need to put missiles back in poland which hillary clinton and the president gave -- not 20th century weapons against a 21st century aggressor. on how we get our european allies, i think energy is the key to this. we need an aggressive energy policy in the united states with
3:46 pm
canada and mexico to say to our european allies, we, canadians, americans, mexicans, will supply you with energy. you do not have to worry about putin pulling back energy on you. we will backstop you. that will allow them to be more aggressive with sanctions to get to putin. given the state of the russian economy that combined with the military maneuvers i'm talking about would put pressure on putin to stop his adventures and get back in his cage. >> one of the lines from your stump speech that jumped out at me your criticism of the obama administration for how they hand handled mubarak the former leader of egypt. given what was happening in the streets in cairo, would you have fought to keep mubarek in power despite the fact he was a totalitarian ruler, no free press in egypt, imprisoned small democrats. what would you have done? >> i wouldn't have thrown him under the bus, steve. there's a difference between fighting to keep someone and throwing him under the bus. going into the white house briefing room and throwing him
3:47 pm
under the bus. an ally for 30 years. now, we have many allies who have faults. if we're looking for the faultless ally in the world that's part of the naive obama-clinton foreign policy. there are no faultless allies in this world. we all have our issues and our problems to deal with with our allies. i would not have thrown mubarak under the bus and felt the arab spring would take care of everything. we see how that approach took. this is typical of president obama and secretary clinton. this hands off foreign policy where they say things will take care of itself if we just give some nice speeches and everybody go do what they want to do. they threw a long-time ally under the bus, threw him to the wolves. i would not have done that. he had to straighten out his problems in egypt. but he didn't need us putting the back of our foot into his in the small of his back and kicking him under the bus. that's what this administration did and it was wrong. it's proven to be wrong from a policy perspective as well. >> next up we will talk with the governor about the state of the race.
3:48 pm
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we're back to center seat our panel and republican presidential candidate chris christie. a.b.? >> governor, you have been a proponent national defense against growing threat of terrorism. would you be donald trump and. >> if they were the nominee of our party i would be a heck of a lot more comfortable with them than i would be hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> the polls you have down about 2.9 %. donald trump is 27.8%. 10 times your number. how do you change that and what's the path to the nomination for you? >> you campaign. i you mean, it's september. so, campaigns matter. if they didn't matter, we wouldn't have them. we would just all, you know, hang around and wait for
3:52 pm
people in a back room filled with smoke to decide who's the best person. i have spent more time in the state of new hampshire than anyone. we will continue to spend that time. when those folks make their decision which they always do in the last month of the campaign we are going to be looking very good and doing very well. you know, if we were worried about that herman cain would have been the nominee of the party at this time four years ago. >> don't you think the trump upon no, ma'am that is a little different than herman cain? >> i don't think anyone knows what the trump phenomenon is. it's too early to tell. look what's going on right now. a food fight going on between jeb bush and trump who both think it's about them. it's not about them. it's about the american people. you don't hear them talking about that. they are just working over each other. the fact is i'm talking about things that matter to the american people. they are worried about each other, their image, how they talk to each other, how they call each other names. the american people are going to grow tired of that act from the both of them. >> charles? >> so you are planting the
3:53 pm
christie flag in new hampshire. how well do you have to do? >> i have to do well. i have to do well. >> how well? >> listen,. >> you have to win it? >> no, i don't have to win it. here's the question. the question is how many people are on the ballot when we get there? are there 17? are there 12? are there nine? who knows? i don't worry about that stuff. i can't worry about that now. when all due respect when that question is important ask me three weeks before the primary. we will know what's going on on the ground and much more realistic. right now do you know what my most important challenge is to work every day up there and let people get to know me. that's what people in new hampshire care about. we will spend a lot of time in iowa too. >> i take that as a pledge to tell us three weeks. >> you will answer it then, right? three weeks before the new hampshire primary. >> i don't think you will have trouble getting me a to answer questions over the course of time. >> just did now. you got there. >> premature. my answer, mr. krauthammer, is your answer is premature. >> three years ago when you were being courted to unrun for the republican no, ma'am
3:54 pm
names in 2012 you said you weren't ready to be president. why are you ready now and number two, are there candidates among the 17 who you think are not ready to be president? >> i'm ready because at that time i had 15 months governor of new jersey. now nearly six years as governor of new jersey. that's a huge difference. i went through one of the worst natural disasters this nawtion has ever seen. second worst this station has ever seen and stewarded we building my state in a way that's restored business, helped to restore our economy and restore it for most of the folks in our state their lives back to normal. when you steward that type of crisis, it prepares you for almost anything you going to confront as president of the united states. as for the other candidates, that's for them to decide. i have no business deciding whether they believe in their hearts and their mind whether they believe they are ready to be president. i'm better prepared than the rest of them. how about that? >> is bridge gate completely behind you? >> yes, sir. >> completely? >> yeah. >> do you ever get a question about it?
3:55 pm
>> not in public, no, no. >> what do you mean? >> not when i'm out campaigning or anything else. >> besides reporters? >> and even reporters aren't asking me about it anymore. you are the first one in a while, congratulations. >> all right. stay with us if you will. next up, one presidential candidate and rocks. i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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finally tonight we know governor christie loves rock music. is he a big fan of bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi. he let voters in new hampshire know last week he is not a fan of another type of rock. >> i talk to people at unh. do you know they have a rock climbing wall at unh? >> yes. >> okay. you have rocks. [ laughter ] right out there. what the hell do you need a rock climbing wall for?
3:59 pm
tell the kids at unh go outside and climb those rocks. not the rocks inside. climb the other rocks. what have i found as i have gone around the country? there is a rock climbing wall epidemic going on. >> you have a problem with rock climbing walls? >> somebody who is paying $122,000 in college tuition this year at princeton and notre dame. you are damn right i have a problem with rock climbing walls. if they can't climb those rocks and they need rocks inside a gym to climb we have a problem in america with n. higher education. everybody knows it. it costs too much to send your kids to college. that was one example. an example of a collision tuition paying parent. two days before that had paid the fall semester tuition at princeton and notre dame so the pain was acute at that moment. >> governor christie, thanks for the time. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight
4:00 pm
"special report" fair balanced and unafrid. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ g.o.p. presidential donald trump topping more polls at the same time talking his way into more controversy. here are the new polls. a cnn poll shows trump surging to 32% among g.o.p. voters. get, this the donald doing even better among women. that same poll finding 33% of women support trump. now that's a 13% increase since august. but then fast forward to right now, the billionaire businessman taking heat for comments he made about carly fiorina in a rolling stone article he published yesterday. trump reportedly saying look at that face, would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that? the face of our next president? so what does donald trump have to say now? donald trump joins


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